Descriptions of Game
Game Info
  • Genre : Farm simulation, Multiplayer, Play to earn
    Model : 3D
    Type : Multiplayer
    Concept :
    ⁃ Farm : Every player could start the game after buy & choose the characters. Then he could farm, harvest, decorate, renovate, & interacting with other player on NFT Marketplace.
    ⁃ NFT Marketplace : Every player could make any transactions on NFT Marketplace with their harvestable items, farming tools, decorating items, & seeds with NOID.
    ⁃ Build : Players could go to the market to buy decorative items and expand their farm.
    ⁃ Plant & Grow : Players could use their seed to plant & grow on their field.
    ⁃ Harvest : Players could harvest their harvestable items.
    ⁃ Trade : Players could trade their harvestable items, farming tools, seed, decorating items on in game marketplace connected with blockchain.
    ⁃ Interacting : Players could interacting with others on NFT Marketplace, Game event, Auctions, etc
As a player : you could earn money while playing our games.
As a trader : you could play, trade and earn money while playing our games.
Create an organization to collaborate with others on a space or collection.
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